The renovated steam mill building

The dominant feature of the complex is the former water reservoir tower that constitutes part of the five-storey brick office building E that had been used as a steam mill. In 2008 the building was carefully reconstructed to its present form. Its façade, reminiscent of the industrial period, comprises unique and modern facilities that meet high demands of the complex tenants and thanks to the original architectural elements retain the industrial character together with the unique atmosphere. The imaginative and original style, accenting the history of the building, is appreciated by the creative and innovative companies that have established their headquarters here.

Office: 5536 sq m | shops / services: 965 sq m | warehouses: 134 sq m

Division of the individual floors is possible

Each floor can be divided into several units or it can be rented in its entirety.

plan_budova_E_sirka_930* *Floor plan showing a possible division

Technical specifications

  • Flexible premises for open space or separate offices
  • Openable windows
  • The headroom in the space ranges between 2.9 m and 3.2 m
  • 4 lifts on each floor
  • Central HVAC together with a four-pipe air conditioner with the option of direct control
  • Indoor blinds
  • Raised floors with floor boxes
  • Possible connection to optical fibre cable
  • CCTV securing entrance to the building
  • ACS – access system (magnetic cards or chips)
  • Electronic fire alarm
  • Sprinklers in all areas