New building

The second phase of the Classic 7 Business Park project was inaugurated in 2012. Its simple architectural style refers to modern elements which modified the original historic buildings as well.

As a result, this seven-storey building became the natural border of the complex and it helps to create a pleasant contrast between the present status and the history of the place, which is also reflected in the glazed façade.




Office space: 8 307 sq m | commercial premises / services : 1 242 sq m | storage space: 368 sq m

Division of the individual floors is possible
Each floor can be divided into several units or it can be rented in its entirety.

* Floor plan showing the possible division

Technical specifications

  • Flexible premises for open space or separate offices
  • Openable windows
  • 3 lifts on each floor
  • Central HVAC together with a four-pipe air conditioner with the option of direct control
  • Indoor blinds
  • Raised floors with floor boxes
  • Possible connection to optical fibre cable
  • CCTV securing  the entrance to the building and its shell
  • ACS – access system (magnetic cards or chips)
  • Electronic fire alarm